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ACE Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

ACE Biotechnology is a professional manufacturer at the forefront developing and marketing botanical extracts, herbs, teas and active phyto-chemical ingredients for the nutrition, food and cosmetic industries. We look to merge nature to chemistry through modern scientific way and bring largest possible benefits to the human health. The company is teamed up with a group of veterans from the natural ingredients industry. The products and services we are offering to the market have been greatly backed-up with the deep knowledge and experience that we own.

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Core Values

ACE – 1st choice of herbal powder

  • Traceability


    At ACE, full traceability is documented for each batch of products, including the origin place and cultivation of the raw materials, manufacturing process and transportation, etc.
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  • Quality & Safety

    Quality & Safety

    We believe there’s no substitute for quality. ACE has a multifunctional in-house laboratory, which gives us strong testing capability to perform analysis like botanical identification, quantification of phytochemical components, pesticide residue, solvent residues and heavy metals, microbiological analysis, PAHs, aflatoxin.
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  • Sustainability


    We persist in using raw materials from sustainably cultivated base, repurposing waste generated from production, lessening our environmental footprint in all aspects of our business.
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Our Product

  • pro_ico Botanical Herbs

    Botanical Herbs

  • pro_ico Spices


  • pro_ico Mushrooms


  • pro_ico Fruits & Vegetables

    Fruits & Vegetables

  • pro_ico Green Grasses

    Green Grasses

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ACE Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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